Instagram advertising platform for your business

On our site, we have already considered the topic of how to advertise your salon and mentioned social networks, but in this article we will delve deeper into the essence of advertising on Instagram.

Each person spends an average of 2 to 4 hours of their time on the social network Instagram. Almost every third publication is an advertisement. People advertise not only their products, services, but also themselves. Therefore, if your business is not on Instagram, consider that it does not exist at all!
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Key components of successful Instagram advertising:

1. Content. Before starting the design of the profile, it is worth working out the strategy and design of the page design. There are several options here, you can contact the specialists or study yourself. The second will take a lot of time and will cost you much more. Don’t forget about hashtags, geo-location and targeted advertising.

2. High-quality photos. Visual – this is how the appearance of your profile is called; it requires high-quality, professional photographs. First of all, people need to like the picture. 3. Special offers on social networks. Promotions in stories, discounts under the post and contests – all this is very attractive for new users. Especially if you are playing with cosmetics, then the number of your subscribers will not depend on your location, because customers can order cosmetics by mail. It is important for them to know about you.

4. Advertising from bloggers. Yes, you are creating a page to advertise your salon, but at the initial stage, you will need to order advertising from large bloggers. Focus on those who are in your city and can show everything from the inside.

The result may depend on many factors, but experience and professionalism play first and foremost. Trust the promotion of your Instagram pages only to professional companies.


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